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01 January

When can I take IELTS?

Confused over when to take IELTS test while planning to study abroad?

In fact, does it matter?

Yes it does- to some extent. 

Experts say that your IELTS score may also depend on the day you choose to take the exam.


Just read on to understand this aspect.

It has been observed that topics that are covered in IELTS exam change every 4 or 5 months and new IELTS topics in the speaking module are added in September, January & May.

Almost 50% of old topics get repeated. 

So- experts advise students to plan IELTS exam just before the scheduled change in topics that occurs at the end of December, April and August.

Have 4 months in your kitty & practice all the IELTS topics and take the test in these 3 months.

Nevertheless, the best time to take the IELTS would be when you are 100% sure that you can get your desired score. 

How to prepare well before taking IELTS test

Here’s how you can prepare well before writing IELTS.

Practice will make you perfect for sure

Take practice tests religiously. And don’t practice without a proper guidance- otherwise it would be a futile exercise. A consistent practice will help you find out where you stand right now with your Test Prep.

Study your practice test results deeply so that you may target the points where you should improve and you’ll have an idea of the amount of preparation that you really need for a good score.

Enough Time Means Good Score

Give yourself enough time for preparation after deciding on when you will take the test. 

During this time- just focus on IELTS preparation.

Pick the Best Date

This is very important to select a date for your test that suits your Test Prep schedule.

You must have ample time for practice, mock tests etc before writing the real test.

Plan Well & Take Help

As you get ready to take the test, find testing locations near you; know about appropriate dates, available seats and just go for it. 

You may take the help of SGES IELTS trainers to know everything about IELTS exam.

Test Frequency & Validity

The IELTS Academic is conducted 48 times in a year and its scores are valid for 2 years. 

So, take the test about a year or 6 months before you plan to apply to universities abroad.

IELTS Test Scores

Note that your IELTS test score will be available approximately 13 days after the date you wrote the test. 

What is a Good Score?

The minimum IELTS test score accepted by foreign universities & even course programmes – varies.

But generally, a score of 7 bands is a good score. 

Though foreign universities also accept applications with minimum 6 Bands IELTS score.

And finally

Prepare well and practice as much as possible by taking mock tests- a lot of them. Practice in the right direction and rest assured of scoring high.

Take advice from SGES IELTS trainers and score high in your IELTS test. 

Keep practicing!!!

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